Laura AlFaridzi

Former Realtor and Senior Real Estate Specialist, Laura uses her knowledge and love for marketing to serve the Red Banner Team as the social media coordinator. Laura takes an education based approach with her audience to alleviate and shine a light on the unknowns of the home buying and selling process.

While Laura spent her real estate career in Washington State, she currently resides in Pennsylvania. She is no stranger to the moving, packing and downsizing process which equips her with an extra level of compassion and understanding to the stress our clients feel during this journey. Though living far away, Laura feels in such a tech centered world it's a gift to stay so well connected with her friends and colleagues on the Red Banner Team.
Outside of Real Estate and Social Media Marketing, Laura enjoys exploring her city and local businesses, spending time with her dog Miles and cat Frasier, and hosting her friends for game nights. 

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