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Bremerton is the largest city on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Bremerton is connected to downtown Seattle by two ferries: a 60-minute ferry that carries both vehicles and walk-on passengers, and a 28-minute Fast Ferry that carries passengers and a limited number of bicycles.

Bremerton is home to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Bremerton Annex of Naval Base Kitsap and is less than an hour away from the Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains. 

Bremerton's historic center downtown has seen the most dramatic change over the last decade, with blighted blocks being replaced by new apartments, and older buildings being restored.  The area is now home to restaurants showcasing diverse cuisines,  the Silver City Brewery, coffee shops, cafes , and art galleries

Other attractions include Harborside Fountain Park, a boardwalk, and multiple naval history museums. The Admiral Theatre, a restored 1942 Art Deco theater,] is Bremerton's most prominent venue for live music and entertainment. The city is in the beginning stages of creating a public square on Fourth Street to honor local music icon Quincy Jones.

While downtown, enjoy a stroll through the Arts District, Puget Sound Navy Museum, and the USS Turner Joy.

Bremerton has nine unique neighborhoods with new affordable housing, excellent schools, 35 parks and many recreation programs. 

The population was 37,729 at the 2010 census

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Bremerton Surrounding Areas

Manette is a residential bedroom community that was established as a town on April 20, 1891, but was later made part of Bremerton, Washington. Manette is connected to downtown Bremerton via the Manette Bridge. Within minutes, residents can drive to the Seattle ferry, Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, shopping, and schools.

Manette is known for overlooking scenic vistas of the water, mountains, and bridge. It has its own attractions such as unique dining, bakeries and a brewery.  There is a playground for kids and the Mannette walking trail and hill climb.

Gorst is at the head of Sinclair Inlet in Kitsap County, located on the shores of Puget Sound. It has numerous shops and espresso stands. A small residential area is located west of the water along State Route 3.

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