January 31

Our 2021 in Review


This past year was one for the record books for our team!
It was such an honor to work with close friends, and make new friends all across
Kitsap County (and Washington State), through the process of buying and selling their homes. Living in a military town provides us a unique opportunity to help military families relocate and get settled for the first time in our community. This year, we also served a large number of individuals and families transferring out of state. Amid everything else that is happening in the big wide world, Kitsap County experienced remarkable appreciation in the real estate market! It was exciting to help so many of our clients cash out of their real estate investments after years of careful maintenance and home improvement and taking advantage of their hard work in such a hot market. From first-time home buyers whom we had the honor of educating through every step of the process to veteran real estate investors who gave us the honor of choosing us in such a competitive real estate community. It was a remarkable year of growth and milestones!

One of the highlights of this year was making market history in our local community with a number of the homes that we sold!

For example:

407 Olympic Avenue, Bremerton - Our amazing clients had Invested in downtown Bremerton within walking distance to PSNS -Naval Shipyard, back in 1990.
They raised their family, and little by little over the years improved and upgraded their home with countless artistic touches including custom steel banisters, unique epoxy countertops, not to mention the magical back courtyard with hand-built tool shed and world-class kids playhouse. With a combination of our clients' meticulous upgrades, and our teams' marketing and advertising strategy, we were thrilled to see the market respond, and to sell the highest-priced house of that size in Bremerton!

5862 Lenea Drive, Bremerton - If you were to hop into a back to the future DeLorean time machine, and head back to the late 1960s, this water view property would have just been built, and would likely have gleamed just exactly how it did this year when we sold it! Our wonderful clients purchased this vintage panoramic view property in May 2020, and in the fall of 2021, were able to take advantage of market appreciation to make history in Eldorado Hills (Chico, WA) by selling as the highest-priced, un-updated home in the neighborhood. We were excited to see our cutting-edge pricing strategy and marketing once again knock the ball out of the park for our clients!!

6113 Fragaria Rd SE, Port Orchard - Hidden deep in the heart of Ollal lies the largely unknown Vaughn Airstrip, surrounded by just over a dozen private properties who have shared access to this airstrip- We discovered a thriving pilot community scattered all across the country on the hunt for private aviation properties when we listed this spectacular Ollala acreage! Oddly enough, airstrip access historically does not significantly improve a home's value (like horse property or waterfront access does), however, this home was a wonderful combination of lodge style living, rural privacy, horse property, and aviation amenities. Our clients had made excellent improvements to the home and property over the years since they purchased it in 2014, and we pushed the market by listing it as the highest-priced, non-waterfront home of its size in the entire Olalla region and our strategy was immediately validated by an overwhelming market response. As bittersweet as it was for our clients to say goodbye to their home, we were thrilled to help them make real estate history in their area, and redefine the market by selling the highest-priced home of its kind in Port Orchard!!

We closed out 2021 with full and grateful hearts for each of you who trusted us as your real estate advisors, and are so grateful to have achieved so many milestones with each of you while building lifelong friendships! Here is to 2022 together!!!

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